Get out of your inbox and back to your projects

TargetDocs is a shared inbox for contractors that collects and tracks all key documents from subcontractors, suppliers and vendors.


Automate subcontractor, supplier and vendor document collection.

Equip your team with powerful tools:

TargetDocs' checklist gives your project team full insight into knowing which documents have been turned in and which are still missing. Missing file request emails are fully automated.

Document Checklist

Know what's missing


Create customizable labels for each type of document to be collected. Set due dates. Apply collection frequencies for recurring documents. Assign unique labels to specific organizations.

Label Permissions

Set document collection to autopilot


Documents securely collected in TargetDocs never expire. Easily find files through simple search. Team members can instantly bulk download files directly to their computer.

Folder Sync

Automated file index




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