TargetDocs bridges the communication gap between subcontractors and primes

TargetDocs connects subcontractors to primes for faster document communication to stay ahead of compliance and generate accurate reports

TargetDocs provides managers a solution they've never had before

Know with certainty what's been turned in and what's missing

Smart labels automatically push files where they need to go

Stay on top of important documents to stay compliant

Contract Oversight

Document Tracking

Subcontractor Checklist

Simple, yet revolutionary


Managers without TargetDocs spend up to two hours a day playing catch-up & hunting down files

Inboxes are crowded.

High priority contract documents can easily fall through the cracks and get lost.

Emailed attachments have to be manually downloaded.

Skipping a critical document can lead to delays and rework.

Missing deadlines and inaccurate lists are costly.

Files aren't always where they should be.

Valuable time is wasted finding mislablled and misplaced files.

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Manual document tracking is unreliable.