A centralized team inbox for collecting documents

TargetDocs is a collaborative team inbox that tracks and indexes every file it collects giving project teams a live checklist of what’s been turned in and what’s missing.

Document collection for contractors that use subcontractors

A document checklist lets your project team know what your subcontractors have turned in and what's missing

TargetDocs tracks and indexes each file with a label so your project team can find them with ease

Reporting Requirements

Document Labeling

Subcontractor Checklist

A team inbox for each of your projects


Equip your project team with a tool built to eliminate paper pushing

Inboxes are crowded.

High priority contract documents can easily fall through the cracks.

Files have to be manually downloaded and sorted.

Misplacing or mislabeling a critical document leads to delays and rework.

Time is lost constantly updating document checklists. Missing a deadline is costly.

Files aren't always where they should be.

Valuable time is wasted searching for files.

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Manual document tracking is unreliable.

Calendar alerts keep you and your subcontractors on top of deadlines and compliance due dates